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I am glad you find me humorous since life should be fun

I am glad you find me humorous since life should be fun

I never claimed to be perfect in any way (judgmental), but my intent was to point out the absurdity of concentrating on dress

Msgr. If the rules you mention were in affect I would be out of bounds since I wear Jeans and sneakers (untied). This dress issue is more nostalgic than anything else. As society changes so does the clothing, language and viewpoints. I will strongly disagree with you on your statement, “…how we clothe them, matters.” I do not believe Jesus would be so concerned about the clothing. You suggest there are clothing issues in the workplace. Well working in the private sector this is slowly eroding just as hats have gone out of style and beards are no longer a mainstay with men. Many women no longer own dresses.

I stand by my opinion that clothes do not matter. It is better to have the family that came to mass in shorts and not be accosted by the priest than to have them now never enter that church again or even have the possibility that they give up on Catholicism. They no longer feel welcome as do many former Catholics. That is the real travesty of this dress code suggestion.

Happily, I am accepted for who I am and not how I dress at my church. I am an active minister of communion, Ad Altare Dei instructor and sit in the front pew every Sunday. Yes, I will continue to wear jeans, sneaker, sandals, shorts and even dress pants or suits when the I feel like it. Never once has my parish priest ever mentioned to me about my style of dress. Instead he views my youth and my being there as an inspiration for the congregation. This applies to all of the ministers of communion at my church, and I can assure you that the majority of us are “not” properly attired.

I wonder if anyone on the message board has ever been shunned? Well I have and it was funny that these “Christians” thought less of me because I was different from them – I was Catholic and they were not. To go to an event and have everyone ignore your is amusing but sad. You may find the opposition scandalous or humorous or even contrarian, but it is all a mirror image of your California payday loans near me statements.

She was a e a sponser so she could be close to a married doctor in the church, who was also sponser whom she was in love with

AJ, your church sounds like a breath of fresh air. I’ll never forget when I was in RCIA and was attending Mass with my sponser. I will never forget that particular Mass as long as I live. My sponser literally spent the entire Mass staring at her feet. She had a gorgeous pair of designer, open-toed shoes on and a masterful pedicure. I don’t think she ever heard a word the priest said the entire time. Which just reminded me, the doctor (who would not reciprocate her blatant flirting), wore shorts to church quite frequently. Go figure.

I’m so glad the Lord judges our hearts. He knows His own, and those who truly love Him and are there for Him and Him alone.

I know a lot of realy good priests who work very hard and tell the people what they need to hear. But I also know at least 3 priest, who show up in church on their way to the sacristy dressed in shorts and no callor. These priests certainly do not set a good example. God does care how we dress in holy places like the Church. I read some where a visionary was shown purgatory where it was crowded with priest. When asked why they were there, they said because they didn’t tell the people to dress modestly when coming before the King of Kings.

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